Who Do You Run To In Times Of Trouble?
Written by Priscilla Henley on 01/10/2022
Series: Weekly Devotionals

Psalm 46:1
1 “God is our refuge and strength, a helper who is always found in times of trouble.”

Consider anything in your life that has become troublesome to you. Does that thing leave you feeling helpless? Has it drained you and made you feel like there is no way of fixing things?

Times of trouble can come at any time and in any form. My mental health has been a troublesome area of my life for many years. Depression drains me emotionally, physically, and mentally. When moments of unexplained sadness, pain in my body, fatigue, trouble focusing, and sleeping occur, I have become helpless.

Helplessness is so dangerous. Often helplessness leaves the perfect opening for the enemy to creep in with his form of help and guidance. He wants to influence us in our weaknesses.

In Psalm 46:1, we can find the saving grace from the helpless and troublesome places we find ourselves. God’s description in this verse portrays him as being always found in times of trouble. In other words, God does not avoid the issues and dilemmas that He finds us in. He does not have an attitude as if to say, “Oh well, that’s their problem.”

God is our helper. He is the place we find refuge. Refuge, being the protective place we run to in times of trouble. He is also our strength. He takes from us the heavy load of burdens that we carry. Ultimately God does it all. He takes care of all our needs in times of prosperity and trouble.

At this point, you have read the encouraging news that God is with you and me both as we face troublesome times. I encourage you to hold onto this promise. When the enemy lies to you and tries to make you believe there is no way out or you might as well give up, rebuke him and quote Psalm 46:1. You are not alone my sister. If you seek God, you are right where you belong, in His presence and care.

Seek God with your whole heart in dire circumstances. Turn from the influence of the evil one and embrace the fact that God is your refuge, strength, and helper.

Pray this week:

Dear God,
You are my helper! I know that I am not alone in ____. I am covered by you, strengthened by you, and assisted through everything by you. Hide this truth in my heart that I may not forget and be deceived.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,

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many blessings


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