Where Have You Been, Priscilla?

Where Have You Been, Priscilla?

Where Have You Been, Priscilla?

So, today I’m letting you ladies know where I’ve been… 

But first, let me start by sharing that a large part of who I’ve been can be described by how I respond to life’s circumstances. I am and have always been sensitive. This sensitivity became even more obvious to me when I discovered the imbalance of the chemicals in my brain. 

I live with bipolar disorder. This is nothing new to me, to be honest. My bipolar journey spans back to age 21. So it’s been a minute. 

For the past several months I’ve been on a mental and emotional roller coaster. I’ve been on and off of my platforms more since August 2021. The loss of my pet last August led me deep into an ocean of sensitive emotions. My feelings of despair caught up with my chemical imbalance and life got pretty rocky.

All this to say, I learned something pretty eye-opening recently, which has led me back here.

It’s this…I can no longer allow feelings of oppression to catapult me into despair and pessimism.

From experience, I know that my tendency to be pessimistic about life leaves me in daily depression and a cycle of bipolar highs and lows.

I’ll have a journey with bipolar for the rest of my life. But, now I know something pretty amazing…

I still have some control over this thing!

Feelings are ok, but allowing them to control my everyday outlook on life is not. I may feel awful about something, but that doesn’t mean everything is awful.  

So, it’s been a couple of weeks of work so far, but I’m working on not judging my life based on my sensitive feelings. I’m facing my feelings but choosing to still stand in faith with a perspective that I can still see life as a blessing. A blessing that I want to be a part of daily. 

Also, I have to give credit where it is due. The Holy Spirit, @morgantracyj – my ministry mentor, and therapy all helped me come to this realization. 

Since childhood, oppression has worked its hardest to attach itself to me, but no more will I be a slave to it.

Pray for my strength, my sisters-in-Christ! 

Finally, I have to tell you that ministry has become a part of my daily life, and I’m committed to sharing my love for God, the power of prayer, and who He is in His word with all of you. 

So if you see me fall off and it is on your heart, reach out and check on me. I’m praying I can do the same thing for you through my ministry. 

If you got this far, thank you for reading! 

Much love to you and many blessings, 


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